What are the basic types of BGA repair table?

November 12, 2022

BGA refers to the chip packaged through the BGA repair table packaging process, then what are the basic types of BGA repair table? Let's take a look

The basic types of BGA repair stations are PBGA, CBGA, CCGA and TBGA. Typically, the bottom of the package is connected to the solder ball array as input/output terminals. The typical spacing of the ball arrays in these packages is 1.0 mm, 1.27 mm, and 1.5 mm, respectively. For BGA repair table, the lead tin composition of the welding ball is mainly 63Sn/37Pb and 90Pb/10Sn. As there is no corresponding standard in this respect at present, the diameter of the welding ball varies from company to company. From the perspective of BGA repair table assembly technology, BGA has more advantages than QFP devices, which is mainly reflected in that BGA devices have less strict requirements for installation accuracy. In theory, even if the ball is offset 50% from the pad during reflow soldering, the device position will be automatically corrected due to the surface tension of the solder, which is very obvious in the experiment. Secondly, the BGA repair platform no longer has the problem of device pin deformation as QFP, and the coplane of BGA is better than that of QFP, its leading distance is much larger than QFP, can significantly reduce the welding paste printing defects caused by solder joint "bridge" problem; In addition, the BGA repair station has good electrical and thermal properties and high interconnection density.

The BGA repair station, also commonly known as the BGA rework station, is a dedicated device used when the BGA chip has a welding problem or needs to be replaced with a new BGA chip. Because the welding temperature of BGA chips is high, common heating tools (such as heat gun) cannot meet the requirements.

The BGA repair table follows the standard reflow welding curve when working. Therefore, the repair effect of BGA repair table is very good. If the better BGA welding table is used, the success rate can reach more than 98%.

So all the above information shows the great convenience brought to us by the BGA repair platform. If you have any need for the BGA repair platform, please contact us as soon as possible

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