What is the difference between manual visual inspection and X-RAY and optical inspection?

November 15, 2022

SMT uses many detection technologies in the patch processing industry. At present, it mainly uses manual visual detection and optical detection. There are many methods for X, such as X-ray detection.

Manual visual inspection uses visual inspection of samples. This detection method is simple, but the detection effect is not obvious and unstable, and also weakens the quality requirements of the sample.

Optical detection adopts photographic imaging, and then determines the defects of the sample through computer analysis, which is often used for appearance detection.

Through the transmission imaging of the sample, x can analyze whether there are impurities in the sample, and can penetrate the sample through the X-ray emitted by the X-ray detection equipment. The X-ray imaging principle, such as the detection method of the sample monitoring point of X-ray is different, X-ray detection can penetrate the internal imaging of the sample, which has higher requirements on the internal properties and process of the product.

Defects of X-ray testing equipment include: virtual welding, bridge connection, tablet standing, insufficient solder, porosity, device leakage, etc. In particular, X-ray for BGA, CSP can also check the solder joint hiding device.

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