X-RAY testing equipment to achieve 100% non-destructive testing products!

November 15, 2022

With the transformation and upgrading of automated production lines, more and more factories need to update various supporting equipment, and the demand for intelligent equipment is also increasing. According to product quality control, X-RAY testing equipment is often used for product fault analysis, and its characteristics of nondestructive testing are very effective in detecting defects in the product department.

The application of X-RAY detection equipment in production line is mainly divided into online detection equipment and offline detection equipment. The main difference between them is that online X-RAY defects are detected automatically by software, while offline X-rays rely on human judgment. The former has high accuracy and fast detection speed, while the latter has high professional requirements for personnel and slow detection speed, which can not achieve 100% non-destructive testing of products and is suitable for sampling testing

What are the functions of the software on the online X-RAY? SMT takes micro-focus X-ray testing equipment as an example. Online X-ray testing equipment can automatically align BGA, IC, QFN built-in measurement tools such as size, area, Angle and curvature, which can be flexibly applied to rectangular, circular, polygon, irregular graphics and other products. PTH through tin measurement.

At the same time, online X-RAY detection data can be stored for easy traceability and manual re-determination can be added. During the batch test, the user can view the detection image on another computer and rejudge it. Due to the large quantity of products in the process of batch testing, there are errors in data statistics. At this point, the feed port, which can encode the product and on line X-RAY inspection equipment, is equipped with automatic code scanning equipment, which is equivalent to identifying the product's identity information. Then, the detected image data corresponds to the identity information one by one to prevent information confusion and ensure the reliability of the detected data.

The on-line X-RAY test equipment has a high degree of customization, so it is necessary to select the built-in carrier platform and tool fixture according to the actual product characteristics, in order to facilitate its test Angle to obtain the best test image. The most commonly used online X-ray detection devices are mostly two-dimensional images, but there are also online CT devices to meet the enterprise's requirements for three-dimensional detection images.

In order to ensure product quality, more and more enterprises require 100% testing of products on the production line. X-RAY test equipment can be customized according to the actual production line speed of the enterprise track, optimize the test speed and docking module. X-RAY detection is widely used in electronic semiconductor, industrial casting, lithium new energy, food foreign matter detection, public safety and other fields.

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