What kind of convenience does the X-ray detector bring to the electronic component industry

November 16, 2022

In recent years, with the rise of various intelligent terminal devices, the primary problem facing the whole industry is how to win back users from competitors and adapt to the enterprise changes under the premise of increasing labor costs. Quality has always been the core competitiveness of the industry, the quality requirements of electronic products are getting higher and higher.

As a major component of electronic products, the quality of chips is getting higher and higher. To ensure the quality of the chips, electronics manufacturers use proven X-RAY nondestructive testing techniques to test the chips.

X - ray detection technology is a new strategy technology emerging in recent years. When the assembled circuit board enters the automatic X-Ray detection equipment along the guide rail, there is an X-ray in the transmitter tube above the circuit board. After the emitted ray passes through the circuit board, it is received by the detector (optical sensor) below to form an image. Because the solder joint contains lead, which can absorb a lot of X-rays, the X-rays on the solder joint are absorbed a lot, forming a good image compared to the X-rays passing through materials such as fiberglass, copper, and silicon, making the analysis of the solder joint quite intuitive.

x radiation is ultraviolet radiation and the wavelength of high-energy electromagnetic radiation in between the rays. X-ray penetration is strong, but the degree of material absorption is different. Using this property, X-rays can be used to detect the shape and even composition of structures inside objects. In applications such as nondestructive testing, x is imaged through a sample from the focal point of a microfocus X-ray source by detectors such as X-ray cameras. Because of the different structure and material penetration of the X-ray in the sample, the X-ray camera can collect the structure on the computer.

Through the memory algorithm, comparing the current inspection products to find out the defects and the causes of defects, the xray detection machine can quickly select and mark a single welding ball, and can also manually or automatically identify the welding ball to be detected in the matrix box. BGA welds the ball and completes the inspection. The testing process can be easily completed according to the system guidance to ensure accurate and reliable test results.


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