What role does X-RAY inspection equipment play in chip inspection?

November 17, 2022

In the chip supply chain, problems such as fake goods, refurbished goods and old batches of materials are often encountered. Using these defective chips will inevitably affect the function of products. Therefore, in the process of chip trading, it is necessary to detect the chip, which is generally detected by X-RAY detection equipment.

The working principle of X-ray detection is that the X-ray detector uses low-energy X-ray to rapidly detect the detected object without damaging the detected chip, and uses high-voltage impact on the target to generate X-ray penetration to detect the internal structure quality of chip and semiconductor package products and SMT welding quality.

How to see whether the chip in X-RAY detection is good or bad? There are mainly the following judgment methods:

1. If the four elements are completely consistent and the incoming materials are completely consistent with the standard parts, Good can be judged.

2. The grain size and the lead point position on the grain are consistent with the standard parts, which can be judged as Good.

Note: The grain size and the position of the export point on the grain reflect the design of the chip, which are the two most important judgment elements.

3. If the position of the grain and the lead point on the grain is inconsistent with the standard part, there is a great doubt, but it still cannot be determined as NoGood, and further judgment and confirmation are needed. If the means and basis for further judgment are lacking, NoGood can be determined to avoid risks.

Note: If the original factory adopts the new process or adjusts the product design, the internal structure of the product may be completely different from the previous standard parts. Therefore, there must be other means to prove the case, such as identifying the channel, opening the cover to find the Logo, or finding standard parts consistent with the internal structure, etc.

The above content is about the role of X-RAY detection equipment in chip detection, I hope to further understand the X-RAY detection equipment is helpful ~


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