What is the production process of the printed circuit board

November 22, 2022

In daily life, the application of circuit board is very common. From our side can access to electronic products will be applied to the circuit board. Open the inner lining of all electronic products, and we finally find that it is this small circuit board that supports the expected work of electronic products. However, due to the wide use of circuit boards, consumers and businesses have higher requirements for the production of circuit board materials and production process, at this time printed circuit boards emerge as The Times require. Next, let's go to understand the whole process of printed circuit board.

In order to produce the printed circuit board products of this year, we should first design the schematic diagram according to the function of the circuit, and the schematic diagram should be built according to the functions and needs of the electrical appliances in each part. The completed design schematic diagram can perfectly reflect the main functions of the PCB circuit board and strengthen the connection between each part. After this step is completed, the software is installed so that all components are of the same specifications and dimensions. After the packaging is completed, the rules of inspection are used to check the tightness of the device. The approved bcd drawings are then printed through an inkjet printer on special carbon paper, and the printed copper paper is then placed in a solution prepared with sulfuric acid and or hydrogen oxide. After all ink stains are removed, clean the copper plate with clean water. most of the time, a drilling machine should be used to drill holes on the circuit board where holes need to be drilled. After all the welding work is completed, a comprehensive inspection and verification of the entire printed circuit board will be carried out again. After all the work is completed, all the work of the printed circuit board will be completed.

After talking about all the processes of the production of printed circuit boards, we can clearly know that printed circuit boards are replacing the previous electronic circuit boards with complicated production processes. Compared with traditional electronic circuit board, it not only shortens the production cycle of a single circuit board, but also has greater advantages in production cost and quality.

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