Here are three ways to get the most out of your PCB

November 23, 2022

Are you still worried about the poor performance and short service life of the PCB you choose? Today I'm going to give you a few tips on how to get the perfect circuit board that will perform well and last long. Our company is specialized in the production of PCB circuit boards, we have many years of board experience, the production of multi-layer circuit boards, high frequency high speed circuit boards and 5G circuit boards......

Because the circuit board piece is very complex, because it is constantly innovating and advancing products. So let me take you to understand how to make the circuit board of good performance and long life?

1. First look at the raw materials of the board

No matter in which industry the selection of raw materials is the top priority, so in the PCB board selection we choose high fire rating, durable and strong insulation performance of the board.

2. Choose the surface treatment process

In the process of making PCB circuit board, there is a process for surface treatment. I recommend the process of sinking gold and gold-plating, etc., because gold has good wear resistance, good conductive function and faster heat dissipation than other processes, it can be fully reflected that choosing the process of sinking gold can improve the service life of PCB.

3. Look at the selected partner

Wanting to have a good board is mostmost important when choosing a partner. As we all know, PCB circuit board industry is relatively difficult to do compared with other industries, so when choosing partners, we should choose the old brands with experience in board making, because the old brands must overcome a lot of problems and continue to innovate, which can ensure the quality of products.

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