BGA package how to weld BGA chip dismantling method summary

November 28, 2022

The problem of how to weld BGA package confuses many maintenance personnel. The reason is that the pin of BGA chip is located at the bottom of IC, and the pin is very dense, which increases the difficulty of welding. BGA packaging welding can be roughly divided into two kinds: 1. Traditional manual welding (soldering iron and air gun). 2. Use professional BGA repair table for welding. The following is a summary of some BGA chip dismantling methods for you, I hope to help you.


Air gun, constant temperature soldering iron, easy to use flux, tin line, tin slurry, washing water, alcohol, steel mesh.

Manual welding (heat gun + soldering iron)


Apply flux to the BGA area on the PCB board, and blow it slightly with the air gun. (The temperature and wind power of the air gun depend on personal habits. I set 420 degrees, I don't know whether it is too high, but from the practical perspective, it is still OK. The wind setting is very small, I only set the range of 10 bars to 2, this is good to try.)


Put the chip on, according to the silk screen, the correct adjustment of the chip position, add a little flux in the upper part of the chip (the role of flux here is to prevent the chip temperature is too high, burn the chip, generally speaking, the boiling point of flux is slightly higher than the solder, so as long as the welding process, there is flux, then the chip will not be burned.)


Try to heat evenly, and move the nozzle in a square shape on the top of the chip, try not to stop in one place, so that the heat is easy to be uneven. Finally, after heating for a moment, the tin ball at the bottom of the chip will melt. At this time, if you push the chip, it will be found that the chip will automatically return to the original place when the tweezers leave (due to the action of surface tension, The solder pad on the board and the solder pad on the chip are in the right position is the best position for the chip. If the chip is slightly off, it will be moved to the right position after the tin ball melts), then it means that the welding has been completed. Remove the air gun.

Use BGA repair table for welding


The advantages of using BGA repair table are: first of all, the success rate of repair is high. For example, the BGA-350D repair platform with monitoring end launched by Shenzhen Da Tai Feng BGA repair platform has a very high success rate when repairing BGA, which can easily carry out the BGA chip back work.


BGA repair table will not damage BGA chip and PCB board. As we all know, when repairing BGA, high temperature heating is needed. At this time, the temperature control precision is very high. A slight error may lead to the scrap of BGA chip and PCB board. However, the temperature control precision of the BGA repair table can be accurate to within 2 degrees, so as to ensure the integrity of the BGA chip during the repair process.

Ok, the above is about BGA packaging how to weld? BGA chip diswelding method summary introduction, hope to help you ~


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