How to choose BGA repair table? Just read this article!

November 29, 2022

BGA repair equipment is also called BGA repair platform. For the novice personnel who just contact BGA repair platform, they will have a lot of doubts.

A high-quality BGA repair platform needs both practical and cost-effective advantages, and the purchase of BGA repair platform also needs to know a lot of professional knowledge, if the three temperature area and two temperature area advantages and disadvantages, also need to know a lot of professional knowledge about BGA repair platform.

So how should novice buy BGA repair table? In fact, just do the following points on the line:

1. Determine the size of BGA chip that you need to repair

For a suitable BGA repair table, the most important issue we need to pay attention to is the size of the BGA chip, which determines the size of the air nozzle selected by the BGA repair table. At this time, we need to choose the right machine size. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the PCB size of the repaired products, because the area of the BGA repair platform we need to choose is larger than the PCB size. If the size of the operating platform is small, then the PCB board will not be able to preheat in advance, resulting in deformation, foaming, yellowing and other problems.

(Ps: The larger the area of the BGA repair table is, the wider the scope of repair can be.)

2. Define your needs for the repair table

We need to determine our price range for BGA repair table, a reasonable price, so that we can better choose BGA repair table; Secondly, we need to consider the pre-sale service, in-sale service and after-sale service of a brand. Finally, the BGA repair table with high repair rate and simple operation is selected.

3. Temperature difference is the problem we need to pay attention to when purchasing BGA repair table

The BGA repair table with small temperature difference is a relatively high-quality BGA repair table, which is the experience of professionals. A repair table with a small temperature difference indicates a higher success rate of repair. Moreover, temperature and accuracy are the core contents of BGA repair table machines, and the relevant standard in the industry is -3/+3 degrees. At present, the difference between the second temperature zone and the third temperature zone on the market is the heating temperature zone at the bottom. For lead-free products, higher temperature is better, but the heating window will become narrow, and the heating zone at the bottom will come in handy. The bottom heating area can easily achieve the purpose of disassembly.

4. Quality of BGA equipment

Quality is also an issue that we need to pay attention to. Whether the equipment workmanship or temperature accuracy meets the industry standard or whether the standard control is accurate, we should compare these well so as to better choose BGA repair equipment.

5. Stable accuracy and temperature

The stability of temperature and accuracy of BGA repair table is also an advantage. In addition to the automatic identification of suction and mounting height, but also with automatic welding and automatic diswelding and other functions. At the same time, the integrated design of heating device and mounting head is also one of the highlights of the equipment.

A high-quality BGA repair platform needs to have many functions. Speaking of precision temperature alone, the equipment needs to have precise precision.

So the above 5 points are about how to choose the introduction of BGA repair platform, if there is a demand for BGA repair platform, please pay attention to Shenzhen Da Tai Fung official website ~


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