How much more can X-rays do?

November 30, 2022

A lot of friends ask Datai Feng Xiaobian: the role of X rays in the end how much? Today, let Shenzhen Da Tai Feng Xiaobian for you to talk about ~

X-ray is a kind of electromagnetic wave with very short wavelength and a lot of large energy. Compared with the wavelength of visible light, the wavelength of X-ray will be shorter than that of visible light. And for X-rays, the photon energy is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of times greater than that of visible light. X-rays were first discovered by the German physicist W.K. Roentgen in 1895, so they are also called Roentgen rays

X-ray is generally produced in the highly vacuum ray tube, which is mainly the result of the high-speed motion of electrons and the interaction with the polar positive target plane. The collision of fast-moving electrons with a polar target produces two types of electromagnetic radiation, visible light and X-rays.

X-ray has a high penetrating ability, and it can pass through many substances that visible light cannot. Because of its penetrating ability, it was quickly applied in the medical field after it was discovered. Scottish doctor John MacIntyre set up the world's first radiology department in Glasgow Royal Hospital in 1896, which was also the beginning of the application of X-ray in medicine.

The application of X-ray in the medical field is mainly due to the penetration, differential absorption, photosensitivity and fluorescence of X-ray itself. When X-rays pass through the human body, they will react differently depending on where they are touched. Different parts of the body will absorb them to different degrees. For example, bones absorb more X-rays than muscles, so the amount of X-rays passing through different parts of the human body will be different. In this way, the density distribution information of each part of the human body can be obtained through the amount of different rays. In this way, the intensity of fluorescence on the fluorescent screen or photographic film will be different, and there will be different density shadows. By comparing the depth of these shadows, combined with some clinical manifestations and laboratory results of patients, You can figure out what's causing the disease.

In addition to examining the etiology of the patient, X-ray can also be used for treatment of the patient. It is mainly used to irradiate the diseased site of the patient with rays of different energies, so as to inhibit the growth and spread of diseased cells, so as to achieve the treatment of some diseases. This treatment is mainly used in the treatment of tumors.

In addition to being widely used in the medical field, X-ray has also played a very important role in the industrial field.

With the help of its own characteristics, X-ray can be used to do industrial flaw detection. For large machinery, some parts of the problem is not easy to be found, so it can be checked by X-ray. And can be used to check the newly produced metal parts have sand holes, cracks, defects and other easily ignored by human problems. In the industrial field, the participation of X-ray has greatly improved the quality of production, provided great help for the industrial development of the society, and also made the scientific and technological products have better quality.

Well, that's how much more about the role of X rays, X rays widely used to bring great benefits to people


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