Explain the basic principle of BGA repair table in detail

December 01, 2022

BGA repair table is a professional equipment used for the maintenance and diswelding of BGA components and other chips, which is often needed in SMT industry. Next, let's discuss the basic principle of BGA repair table and analyze the key factors to improve the BGA repair rate.

BGA repair table can be divided into optical alignment repair table and non-optical alignment repair table. Optical alignment refers to the use of optical alignment during welding, which can ensure the accuracy of welding alignment and improve the success rate of welding. Non-optical alignment is a visual alignment, which is not as accurate in welding.

At present, the standard heating method of BGA repair table in China is generally hot air at the upper and lower part, infrared preheating at the bottom, referred to as the three temperature zone. The upper and lower heating heads are heated by heating wires and the hot air is exported by air flow. The bottom preheating can be divided into dark red external heating pipe, infrared heating plate and infrared light wave heating plate.

Upper and lower heat up:

By heating the heating wire, the hot air is transmitted to the BGA component through the air nozzle to realize the purpose of heating the BGA component, and through the upper and lower hot air blowing, the circuit board can be prevented from uneven heating deformation. Some people want to use a heat gun and air nozzle to replace this part. I suggest not to do so, because the temperature of BGA repair table can be regulated according to the set temperature curve. Using a heat gun will not easily control the welding temperature, thus reducing the success rate of welding.

Infrared heating at the bottom:

Infrared heating mainly plays the role of preheating, removing the moisture inside the circuit board and BGA. It can also effectively reduce the temperature difference between the heating center and the surrounding point, and reduce the probability of deformation of the circuit board.

Bracket and fixture of BGA repair table:

This part mainly plays the role of supporting and fixing the circuit board and plays an important role in preventing the deformation of the board.

Temperature control:

When disassembling and welding BGA, there are important requirements on temperature. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to burn BGA components. Therefore, the repair table is generally not controlled by instrument, but by PLC control and computer control, which can control the temperature in real time. It is mainly to control the heating temperature and prevent the deformation of the circuit board. Only by doing these two parts well can we really improve the success rate of BGA repair. For more information, please consult Shenzhen Da Tai Fung


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