What are the key factors for the high success rate of BGA repair?

December 03, 2022

Today, Xiaobian will bring you about the BGA repair platform high repair success rate of the key factors are introduced, I hope to benefit you oh ~

1.BGA repair platform is simply a machine for dismantling (BGA package) chips. Can improve the success rate of chip repair, and don't worry about damage PCB board and peripheral chips.

2. Manual welding with hot air gun, higher requirements with our BGA repair table, you can go to the industry to learn more.

Let's talk about the basic principle of BGA repair table:

BGA repair table is a professional tool used to repair faulty BGA components. I will give you an analysis of the BGA repair platform high repair success rate of key factors, as to how to learn and use, it is up to you.

First of all, the heating method of domestic BGA repair table is mainly hot air above and below, infrared preheating at the bottom, known as the three temperature area (two temperature area BGA repair table only the upper hot air and the bottom preheating, relative to the three temperature area is lagging behind). The upper and lower heating heads are heated by heating wires and the hot air is exported by air flow. The bottom preheating can be divided into dark red external heating pipe, infrared heating plate and infrared light wave heating plate.

Upper and lower heating: heating by hot air, and use the air nozzle to control the hot air. The heat is concentrated on the BGA to prevent damage to the surrounding components. And through the convection of hot air up and down, it can effectively reduce the probability of deformation of the board. In fact, this part is the equivalent of a heat gun with an air nozzle, but the temperature of the BGA repair table can be adjusted according to the set temperature curve.

Bottom preheating board: It plays a preheating role to remove the moisture inside PCB and BGA, and can effectively reduce the temperature difference between the heating center and the surrounding point, and reduce the probability of deformation of the board.

Next, is the clamp to hold the PCB board and the lower PCB support frame. This part plays a role in fixing and supporting the PCB board, and plays an important role in preventing the deformation of the board.

The difference between optical and non-optical machines, namely the display on the screen, as well as automatic welding and automatic welding and other functions. The alignment mainly affects the success rate of BGA welding, but has no effect on diswelding. If there is optical alignment in welding, the accuracy of alignment can be ensured. If there is no optical alignment, the effect can only be judged from the appearance, feel and experience.

Then the next is the problem of temperature control. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to weld the BGA well if it is only heated, and heating welding is the key point according to the temperature curve. Therefore, this is the key difference between using the BGA repair table and the heat gun to dismantle and weld the BGA. At present, most BGA repair tables can be repaired directly by setting the temperature, while the heat gun can control the temperature, but it is a little difficult, because it is difficult to directly observe the real-time temperature, so sometimes it is easy to directly burn the BGA after overheating.

Therefore, based on the above core factors, the final core of our success in repairing BGA is the temperature and plate deformation surrounding the repair.

So the above is about the BGA repair platform high repair success rate of the key factors are introduced, I hope to benefit you ~


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