What is the function and use technique of BGA repair table?

December 05, 2022

For those outside the BGA repair industry, many people don't know what a BGA repair table is and what it does. But for people in the BGA repair industry, I believe everyone knows what a BGA repair table is, because some people must deal with it every day. With the rapid development of the BGA repair industry in recent years, the BGA repair table is being used more and more widely. Then we will introduce the role and use methods and skills of the BGA repair table.

First of all, we should make clear what is BGA repair platform. BGA is a chip packaging technology, is to improve the performance of digital products through the ball grid array structure, reduce the volume of products. All the digital products through this packaging technology have a common feature, that is, small size, strong performance, low cost, powerful functions.

The role of BGA repair table

If you know what is BGA, it is easy to know what is BGA repair table. In fact, the working principle of BGA repair table is used to repair the machinery and equipment of BGA chip. When a chip is detected to have a problem and must be repaired, then the BGA repair table must be used. This is what the BGA repair table does.

BGA repair table use skills

There are several advantages to using BGA repair table compared with not using BGA repair table to repair BGA:

The first is the high success rate of repair. For example, the success rate of the new generation of optical counterpoint BGA repair platform launched by Weitai BGA repair platform can reach 100% when repairing BGA. Therefore, when it comes to which brand of BGA repair platform is better, it is recommended to choose our BGA repair platform.

The second is simple operation. Use BGA repair platform to repair BGA, any one has not been exposed to BGA novice, can become a BGA repair master in a few minutes of learning process, there is no technical content, only need to operate according to the manufacturer's technical engineer training process.

Third, the use of BGA repair table is not easy to damage the BGA chip and PCB board. As we all know, when repairing BGA, high temperature heating is needed. At this time, the temperature control precision is very high. A slight error may lead to the scrap of BGA chip and PCB board. However, the temperature control precision of BGA repair table can be accurate to within 2 degrees, so as to ensure that the chip is intact in the process of repairing BGA chip, which is also one of the skills used by BGA repair table.

Fourth, the BGA repair table needs regular maintenance in the process of use, because after all, the BGA repair table is a relatively large equipment, sometimes the continuous working time is relatively long, so we must carry out maintenance, so that the BGA repair table can be used for a longer time.

Through the above points, it is not difficult to see that the role of BGA repair table is very simple, is the use of computer motherboard chip equipment. In addition, with the above four BGA repair table operating skills, the BGA chip can be easily returned to work. Of course, when buying BGA repair table, it is recommended that you buy three temperature zone and optical alignment BGA repair table, so the repair rate is higher.


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