BGA repair table function features

December 06, 2022

The BGA repair table adopts a three-part heating design with a large area of dark red outer line as the main hot air microcirculation, which is conducive to the BGA repair table to generate an efficient and stable repair temperature curve, reduce the temperature difference and avoid the deformation of the board.

The equipment adopts the world's first RGBW image system, the camera automatically focuses the image to the clearest, our BGA repair table image system can use different color light source combination for different colors of PCB board to achieve the best image effect.

BGA repair table has a high degree of automatic operation level, can automatically identify the removal and installation of the repair process, avoid manual placement of BGA chip manual operation shift, repair quality rate can reach 100%.

A good BGA repair table must be adapted to the repair problems of different PCBA substrates to the greatest extent. Our BGA repair table VT-360 has a positioning platform which can move flexibly from front to left and coordinate with the Angle adjustment of components, and can easily repair the irregular BGA chip.

BGA repair table can lock the modification of the temperature curve program according to the use authority, so as to avoid the staff to arbitrarily modify the temperature setting, which will affect the repair yield.

The machine is equipped with multiple security protection functions. When the device detects an anomaly, it will immediately force the machine to stop running, and it will not be able to run again until no problem is checked.


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