Why Dataifeng?


Why choose Datafeng: Since 2009, datai Fung has been focusing on customers' BGA welding,BGA repair and BGA ball planting requirements as before, with consistent quality and service. According to different product applications, datai Fung will provide customers with better solutions immediately. We not only provide technical services, but also save labor costs and production costs for customers. Da Tai Fung has been updating its own products and services for many years, and we are making progress every day!

Our advantages: find automated data from practice, real-time field for you to solve different products, different needs, we have 50 technical staff, on average, different products, different technologies have more than 5 years of technical experience.

Strength show:

High-tech enterprises: Certificate no. : SZ20171669

BGA repair platform industry: with the industry independently developed software and hardware (PCBA structure design, CPU material selection, memory size, are independently confirmed by Taifeng) combined with a number of sets of operating systems (intelligent programmable temperature control software [referred to as: temperature control software], soft code no. 1681289) : The practicability of form a complete set of product development, software update, PCBA drawings updated, chip source support, SMT, the SMT process of repair, machine equipment engineering appearance, development of sheet metal, everything all prove to taifeng insist the idea: independent development of software system, easy-to-install interface to ensure that each user to heart moved. Our engineers, in order to let customers have a better embodiment, we strive to achieve real-time intelligent system to complete on! Independent development, not restricted by hardware optimization system, from the root to solve the technical bottleneck!

BGA ball planting equipment industry: accumulated technology precipitation! From the initial imitation to the existing equipment technology of a number of utility model technology patents, every piece, every product is optimized in continuous practice, through the practical operation of a number of ball plant improvement! Fully applicable to 0.2-0.76mm tin ball size ball planting!

Talent show: more than 50 employees, every thing every detail is for the customer to consider, we serve diligently, we use strength verification (whether you are BGA chip repair, or chip tin, glue, tin, BGA bead, BGA welding, we can provide professional services), BGA repair technology unique solution! Not only the chip rectin process, we also provide customers with professional line production solutions.

Equipment measuring strength:

BGA repair ability: 6 kinds of self-developed BGA repair platform with different specifications can deal with problems in time according to different plates, different applications and different repair requirements;

BGA ball planting ability: after ten years of accumulation, we have more than 1500 customer resources, hundreds of specifications of chip steel mesh mold, can deal with a variety of chip requirements, batch product demand, batch processing production demand, every employee of da Tai Feng is always ready to serve you and create efficient value for you!

Choose Dataifeng, is to change the cost of SMT process reprocessing problem! Every employee of datafeng sincerely welcomes your choice!

In more than ten years of development history, we continue to pursue better service technology!