How to optimize the production link of X-RAY point feeder?

December 10, 2022

Point machine, also known as the part counter, using the photoelectric sensing principle, accurately measure the corresponding relationship between the parts carrier belt guide hole and the parts, accurately measure the number of SMD parts, can achieve a convenient and fast count, especially for the external processing of the collar hair material operation has a great help.

In recent years, with the development of electronic manufacturing industry, our country gradually become a big country in the world electronic manufacturing field. Under the new situation, the electronic manufacturing technology develops rapidly, but the pressure of the overall labor cost makes the traditional manufacturing mode face severe challenge.

The X-RAY point feeder is composed of a cabinet, a lead shielding chamber, a controller, a square feed box, a lifting device, an X-ray source and other devices.

It is used in SMT in the patch processing industry, based on the X-ray, flat plate imager, through the image processing software identification method, by counting the number of graphics representing the original, and then quickly calculate the reel material.

X-RAY point machine has the following advantages:

Fast feeding speed, with automatic, semi-automatic and other models, fast completion of feeding, labeling operation; There is no need to set the spacing, reduce the setting time of the tray, to solve the problem that the tray spacing is easy to make mistakes; There is no need to disassemble the material tray, empty material does not count, there will be no material falling off, damage materials and other problems; High operation strength, can run for a long time, to solve the operator, personnel easy fatigue and other problems.

In addition to the above strong mechanical qualities, the wisdom of the brain is also the X-RAY point machine excel.

The X-RAY dispenser uses artificial intelligence to identify the components and applies the learning results to the algorithm through machine learning. At the same time, the AI aggregates the image data and completes the sampling based on the deep learning results and expert opinions.

Finally, the traditional counting method has the limitation of long counting cycle and poor accuracy. Compared with the traditional method, X-RAY point feeder does not need professional operation, can greatly improve the lack of material, lost material, leakage, less material and other problems, greatly save manpower, improve production efficiency, reduce the cost of material inventory, artificial intelligence advantage also makes the development of X-RAY point feeder further, promote the electronic manufacturing industry to automation, intelligent, high-efficiency development.

The above content is the introduction of how to optimize the production link of the X-RAY point feeder. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you need to know about the X-RAY point feeder, you can consult me


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