X-RAY detection technology for SMT process changes

December 17, 2022

With the rapid development of electronic technology and the continuous popularization of fine industry, packaging miniaturization has become more and more common, and the demand for packaging technology is also more and more common. How to test product quality after packaging has become a big difficulty, which requires the market to adopt more up-to-date detection technology. As far as SMT packaging inspection is concerned, X-RAY detection technology is relatively perfect. If the technology is relatively high, it is CT scanning, which is also quite expensive for detection cost.

In the past, due to backward technology, the industry tends to be large, with the naked eye can judge whether the product is abnormal, but now the market consumers have high requirements for the product, without more refined detection technology is not feasible, later appeared magnifying glass, AOI optical detection, these make up for the vacancy in the inspection market to a certain extent, but for the position of the human eye, such as blocked, AOI is a little weak.

With the development of science and technology, X-RAY testing equipment should be produced in time. This kind of commodity used for medical testing in the past has been improved and processed into industrial testing equipment. X-RAY rays can be used as penetration detection to see the blocked internal defects, such as the gold wire inside the encapsulated chip, whether the copper wire inside the wire is broken and so on. It is of great significance to the improvement of SMT process, such as virtual welding, bridge connection, tablet standing, solder shortage, pores, device leakage and so on, especially the inspection of solder joint hidden elements such as BGA CSP. In recent years, X-ray detection equipment has developed rapidly, from the past 2D detection to 3D detection, with SPC statistical control function. It can be connected with assembly equipment to realize real-time monitoring of assembly quality. This detection method can ensure the integrity of SMT process to a certain extent, and avoid product damage caused by disassembly and retesting due to wrong finding.


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