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Does X-ray testing equipment affect human health?


X-RAY testing equipment is more and more widely used in domestic industry, so many people ask whether the radiation of X-RAY testing equipment is large, whether it will threaten health, let's have a look ~

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In fact, X-ray detection equipment using X-ray technology can effectively penetrate wood, ink, paper and other materials, especially the body.

With the rapid development of science and technology, this technology has been applied in industrial and medical clinical practice. In the early stages, some data suggest that X-rays have certain effects on human health, such as hair loss, loss of vision and effects on fertility.

X-RAY, the widespread use of X-rays in industry, is actually the best answer to one of its safety questions. Nowadays, X-ray machines use safety lock and triple protection and other functions. Any part of the surface of the entire body of the detection equipment is in line with the relevant safety radiation standards of the state.


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