What products can X-RAY on-line inspection equipment detect?

December 19, 2022

X-ray multilayer circuit board is suitable for multilayer circuit board (PCB), circuit board assembly (PCBA), lithium battery, semiconductor packaging, automotive industry and so on. Observe and measure the position of the internal objects after packaging in perspective, find out the problem, determine whether it is qualified, and observe the internal situation.

X-RAY inspection of electronic components SMTBGA, CSP, Flip-Chip, IC electronic equipment internal penetration detection of semiconductor components, connectors, wires, photovoltaic components, batteries, ceramic products, etc.

X-RAY nondestructive testing is used for nondestructive testing of automobile parts, aluminum castings, hardware products, tire wheels, pressure vessels, refractories, boiler pipes, aviation parts and so on. Available for online, offline and non-calibration customization;

IC semiconductor X-RAY all kinds of inspection IC chip, BGA, IGBT, LED, WAFER, can be connected to internal quality inspection, online testing, intelligent judgment and sorting of electronic components MES system;

Lithium battery X-ray aluminum shell power laminated battery, flexible packaging battery, cylindrical battery, lithium battery. Detection of internal defects and effective analysis, detection of internal positive and negative structures of batteries;

Aluminum alloy die casting X-RAY aluminum alloy die casting and turbine industry automatic identification, metal components, castings, precision components internal testing, etc.

Automatic online X-RAY point-feeder is through the X-ray imaging principle to obtain image information, for the point-feeder, SMT production materials, non-destructive testing, the introduction of artificial intelligence, deep learning image algorithm, no learning, automatic fast calculation of the actual number of materials, material number according to classification statistics, can print barcode paper or directly submit to the database management, Greatly improve work efficiency.


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