bga plant plant recommend which good?

December 20, 2022

Along with the widespread application of BGA chip BGA planting machine is also used by more people, then BGA planting machine manufacturers where? How to find it, in fact, BGA planting machine is a relatively mature and stable machine equipment PCBA substrate maintenance machine, and now there are automatic BGA planting machine and semi-automatic planting machine. There are also many domestic and foreign manufacturers of BGA planting machine, such as automatic BGA planting machine in Japan, but in view of its after-sales maintenance service is relatively complicated, today I will give you a brief introduction to the domestic planting machine manufacturer Datafeng Technology.

Da Tai Feng technology for an old domestic BGA planting machine manufacturer, in the machine equipment calculation above not only take into account the beautiful and more attention to practical value, and BGA planting machine application range is very wide, such as BGA, WLCSP, PoP and other types of BGA devices can be a key planting ball, simple to use. High precision tin ball implantation minimum suitable for 0.2mm device tin ball implantation. It can also efficiently deal with large chips that cannot grow balls in the industry. Is a high precision repair BGA chip automatic tin ball implantation machine. Chips like the iphone and Huawei Honor phones can be easily repaired.

The humanized design of the machine adopts a mold of multiple planting balls, which can quickly switch between different types of BGA planting balls and more than 10000CPS planting amount per day. Summary, if you are looking for bga planting machine manufacturers, you can consult Datafeng Technology, which is one of the domestic planting machine manufacturers. Compared with other brands of BGA planting machines, it has higher efficiency, better performance, and high safety protection mode, so you can safely purchase BGA planting machines supplied by Datafeng Technology.


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