High precision BGA welding table and ordinary BGA welding table difference?

December 21, 2022

The functions of high precision BGA welding table and ordinary BGA welding table are basically similar. Compared with the ordinary BGA dismantling table, the advantage of high-precision BGA dismantling table is that it can repair the BGA chip with ultra-high precision. However, the main reason why the ordinary BGA dismantling table cannot complete the high-precision BGA repair is that the temperature cannot meet the temperature setting requirements of the close-spaced BGA chip for repair. Recommend Da Tai Feng technology BGA welding table DTF750, this is the biggest advantage of high precision BGA welding table compared to ordinary BGA welding table. When high precision BGA welding table is heated, the temperature difference between adjacent BGA is normally about 183℃, such a large temperature difference is impossible to reach the ordinary BGA welding table.

Compared with ordinary BGA dismantling platform, high precision BGA dismantling platform temperature setting is more accurate and convenient, high precision BGA dismantling platform welding BGA, the biggest advantage is that the temperature curve can be set accurately, BGA dismantling platform will go through 190℃ preheating period, and then automatically temperature up to 250℃, and then to 300℃, solder paste can be fully welded, but it is decreasing temperature, And then cooling and cooling. The temperature curve also needs to be set according to whether the chip contains lead, chip size, solder paste brand of different stages of the temperature and duration are not the same.

For high precision BGA chip repair needs to be set according to the chip type, temperature program and other different Settings. Hot air heating is the use of air heat transfer principle, the use of high-precision controlled heating control, adjust the air volume and wind speed to achieve uniform and controllable heating purpose, welding BGA chip body due to heat transfer, the temperature transmitted to the tin bead part of the BGA chip will be a certain temperature difference than the hot air outlet. High precision BGA welding table in the setting of temperature heating, we should take the above factors into account, we also want to understand the performance of tin beads, distinguish the temperature segment setting.

When we need to repair the new BGA chip, without knowing its temperature tolerance, we need to set a value for the high precision BGA welding table, and then monitor the whole heating process. When the temperature rises above 200 degrees, we observe the degree of melting of the tin ball, and use tweezers to test whether it can move. When the tin ball of the BGA chip is completely melted, it is obviously observed that the BGA chip sinks. At this time, the chip is heated at a constant temperature for 10-20 seconds, which completes the temperature setting. But the ordinary BGA welding table does not have the constant temperature stage setting, easy to cause damage.

If the repair of high precision and close spacing BGA chip must be completed by using high precision BGA desoldering table, there are two reasons: 1, the ordinary BGA desoldering table is generally two temperature zone, it can not be lead-free chip desoldering. 2. Compared with ordinary BGA welding table, high precision BGA welding table has the advantage of independent temperature control of three parts of the heating system, which can be combined according to different chip spacing, so as to achieve the best temperature heating effect. There are high precision BGA desoldering platform design and materials above relative to the ordinary BGA desoldering platform is better, so the price is more expensive.


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