What are the large bga repair table manufacturers?

December 21, 2022

Large bga repair table manufacturer look for Da Tai Feng Technology Co., LTD. Customers who have used Da Tai Feng Technology automation bga repair table understand: Da Tai Feng technology production of large BGA repair table is not only durable, work efficiency is also very high. If a medium and large enterprises BGA repair table procurement, then you must carefully understand the large BGA repair table manufacturer Da Tai Feng automation, because you first consider the problem is how to reduce the cost, here the cost is not the cost of machinery and equipment, often is the time cost, labor cost and maintenance pass rate cost.

According to the characteristic requirements of large BGA chips, the temperature of hot air must be controlled to maintain a stable temperature of the BGA fixture platform, and the IC of PGA should be adjusted on the fixture to heat on the platform. The preheating temperature of BGA repair platform should be adjusted flexibly according to the indoor temperature and the thickness of PCB. For example, when the indoor temperature is relatively low in autumn and winter, the preheating temperature can be moderately increased, but it should be relatively reduced in summer. If the PCB is relatively thin, also want to moderately raise a little preheating temperature. Accurate temperature control is one of the problems that BGA repair table manufacturers must consider.

Shield cover maintenance is a difficult problem in the BGA chip maintenance industry. The automatic use of physical testing by Datafeng Technology, a large manufacturer of bga chip repair platform, can reflect the change of flux leakage, and the status of BGA device connection points in the whole reflow process, as well as the status of all BGA on a board. And its BGA condition from one plate to another plate, the temperature is controlled within a reasonable range, which can be realized when removing and welding the shield cover.

Da Tai Fung Technology automated large BGA repair platform to solve the traditional sense of automatic maintenance, basically no restrictions on the operator, one-button operation. Secondly, the maintenance pass rate is stronger. More functional, optical alignment through the optical module using a split prism imaging. For different sizes of BGA original visual alignment, welding, disassembly of automatic operation of machinery and equipment, reasonable and effective improvement of repair rate productivity, greatly reduce costs. Da Tai Feng technology automation as a pioneer in the PCBA base repair industry, in the production of large BGA repair table on the way to constantly pursue efficiency and reduce costs, vowed to produce useful, usable, durable machinery and equipment for customers, if you also want to large BGA repair table, may wish to consult Da Tai Feng technology, Maybe the large BGA repair table produced is just what you need.


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