Server motherboard BGA chip repair with what equipment?

December 21, 2022

Professional server motherboard manufacturers usually use what repair table to repair BGA chips, these are not clear to many people. In fact, like intel server motherboard repair using Datafeng technology BGA repair table is OK.

Server motherboard repair is basically the same, so you can use Da Tai Feng BGA repair platform DEZ-R880A to repair, intel as a professional server motherboard manufacturer in the case of BGA chip repair will have a set of professional repair equipment, with the development of The Times between the server motherboard BGA layout becomes smaller, Usually repair large interval BGA chip is relatively simple repair, the use of general machinery and equipment can be repaired. But if the interval is less than 4mm, then you can only use a professional BGA chip repair table to repair. Da Tai Fong Technology BGA repair platform DEZ-R880A has a flexible combination of three parts of the heating system with independent temperature control, easily solving the temperature difference requirements of the BGA repair adjacent to the close interval (adjacent interval 4mmBGA repair another BGA tin ball temperature below 183℃).

Da Tai Feng technology BGA repair platform DEZ-R880A is mainly for server motherboard, PC motherboard, tablet computers, intelligent terminals and other PCBA base repair machine equipment, In view of its independent temperature control of three parts of the heating system design, BGA device removal, installation, selection of alignment, welding integrated design automatically generated repair temperature curve, machine multiple safety protection functions and fine, flexible and easy to use PCB placement Table.

The above is for the server motherboard repair BGA chip all content, with the change of The Times server motherboard electronic components more and more fine is certainly a development trend, and fine electronic components and not all BGA chip repair equipment can be repaired, and Da Tai Feng technology to provide you with such repair equipment.


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