X-RAY testing equipment helps SMT industry develop

December 22, 2022

X-RAY detection technology has brought new changes to SMT production detection means, it can be said that those who are eager to further improve the SMT production technology level, improve production quality, timely detection of circuit assembly fault as the best choice to break through manufacturers. With the development of production technology. As trends continue during SMT and other installation fault detection methods struggle due to their limitations, X-RAY will become the new focus of automated inspection equipment for SMT production equipment and play an increasingly important role in SMT production.

(1) The coverage rate of process defects is as high as 97%. Defects that can be checked include: virtual welding, bridge connection, stele standing, insufficient solder, porosity, fewer devices, etc. X-RAY on BGA, CSP spot welding hidden devices can also be examined.

(2) High detection coverage. X-RAY, the inspection equipment in SMT, can check the eyes and places that cannot be checked by online testing.

PCBA is judged to be faulty, suspected to be the PCB inner wiring fracture, X-RAY can quickly check.

(3) Greatly shorten the test preparation time.

(4) Defects that cannot be reliably detected by other detection methods can be observed, such as virtual welding, porosity, poor forming, etc.

(5) Check the device X-RAY double panel and multilayer panel only need to check once (with layered function).

(6) SMT shall provide relevant measurement information to evaluate the production process. Such as thickness of welding paste, spot welding under the amount of solder, etc.

With the rapid development of 3C digital electronics, especially the development of smart phones, packaging miniaturization and high-density, coupled with increasingly strict requirements on packaging technology, the quality level of SMT patches has become stricter. If routine inspection or AOI is adopted, internal defects of products cannot be guaranteed. It is particularly important to detect product defects by X-RAY through the principle of penetrating sample imaging (X-RAY detection equipment imaging).

Inspection of invisible solder joints and perspective of internal structure of packaged components can detect SMT assembly faults in advance and avoid rework later.

Application: Mainly used in SMT, LED, BGA, CSP flip chip testing, semiconductor, packaging components, lithium industry, electronic components, auto parts, photovoltaic industry, aluminum die casting, molded plastics, ceramic products and other special industries testing.


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