How to choose BGA repair platform brand?

December 22, 2022

How to choose the BGA repair platform brand, for the staff who just come into contact with the BGA repair platform may have doubts, in fact, the purchase of a high-quality, practical BGA repair equipment still need to know many things, such as three temperature area and two temperature which is good, you want to repair what size PCBA substrate, For these problems, we must make more comparisons to get the good results of which brand of BGA repair platform. The following Da Tai Feng technology Xiaobian will introduce you to buy BGA repair platform brand how to choose?

1. Before purchasing the BGA repair platform brand, it is necessary to clarify the specifications of the BGA chip that needs to be repaired. The specifications of the chip affect the specifications of the optional air nozzle, and select the machines and equipment suitable for the specifications of the BGA chip. Furthermore, the size of PCB of the repaired product should be made clear. It is necessary to choose BGA repair table repair board area greater than PCB board specifications BGA repair table brand to buy, if the board area is too small, PCB board can not be better preheating, very easy to cause deformation, foaming, yellowing, fault and other problems, so choose the bigger the surface of the repair board BGA repair table brand can repair the wider range.

2, clear their own repair requirements, and then clear their own can afford the price, so as to know how to choose the BGA repair platform brand, and then choose the brand according to the function, in the final consideration of pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. As for the function, it is suggested to select the machinery and equipment with high rate of repair and easy operation. Like Da Taifeng technology automatic BGA repair table DT-F750 can automatically complete the chip removal I paste steps, without staff intervention in the process of use, repair yield is high, like BGA, CSP, POP, WLCP, QFN, Chip0201, 01005, shield frame (cover), modules and other devices can be easily repaired.

3. When selecting the brand of BGA repair platform, the temperature difference should be relatively small, which is practical experience. Small temperature difference means that the success rate of repair will be higher. Temperature accuracy is the core of the BGA repair table, and the industry standard is plus or minus 3 degrees. At this stage, there are two temperature zones and three temperature zones on the market. The difference is in the heating temperature zone at the bottom. For lead-free products, the temperature is higher, but the heating window is narrower. Therefore, the use of the bottom of the heating method, can achieve the purpose of easy dismantling lead-free welding, now on the market is basically three temperature area, here I recommend you to buy three temperature area BGA repair platform brand better.

4, as we all know, usually go to buy goods surface beautiful things inside are not bad, so in the selection of BGA repair table brand to take into account the product quality of machinery and equipment, including machine and equipment work and temperature accuracy can reach the industry standard, temperature control. BGA repair table PLC control of high precision temperature stability is also a good BGA repair table brand performance. Upper heating device and mounting head integrated design, can automatically identify the suction and mounting height, with automatic welding and automatic diswelding function.

The above is the Da Tai Feng technology Xiaobian to summarize some suggestions on how to choose the BGA repair platform brand. If your repair amount is not very large, it is almost enough to use the air gun, because the most important thing is the low price of the hot air gun. If you want to buy the brand of BGA repair table recommendation can not only figure small cheap, or choose a big brand is better. Although the price is more expensive, the design, service life and after-sales service of the machine and equipment are more guaranteed.


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