What is the best tool to dissolder BGA chip?

December 23, 2022

BGA chip This is a kind of ball-grid array package, BGA package I/O terminals with circular or cylindrical solder joints in the array under the package, the characteristics of BGA technology application is that although the number of I/O pins is increased, but the foot spacing is not reduced but enhanced, thus improving the assembly yield. It can be seen here that the BGA chip is difficult to disassemble. Then how to remove the BGA chip, we must use a professional BGA repair table. BGA welding platform is a kind of maintenance machine and equipment dominated by hot air circulation and assisted by infrared ray. It has the characteristics of high precision and high flexibility. It is suitable for BGA, CSP, PoP, PTH, WLCSP, QFN, Chip0201/01005, shield frame and module maintenance on PCBA substrates such as server, PC motherboard, tablet computer and intelligent terminal.

The setting of the temperature curve, this is a very important step and you know if you want to remove the chip you can't remove it just by doing it, you have to heat the chip properly. At the same time, temperature standards are different for different periods of time. Therefore, if you want to disassemble the BGA chip well, you must set the temperature well before you can disassemble the BGA chip. After the above things are in place, it is necessary to attach the removed BGA chip to the fixture of the BGA welding table.

After the chip is fixed, then we need to carry out centering processing on the BGA chip to be dismantled. Datafeng BGA welding platform applies the leading RGBW image system, which can match the corresponding color according to different colors of the main board, easier to select the centering part, and reasonably and effectively reduce the rework time. And the device set multiple safety protection functions to reasonably prevent accidents. Then we only need to press the start key of the BGA dismantling platform, and the equipment will be heated according to the previously set temperature curve. After a period of time, the equipment will automatically judge whether the BGA chip can be pulled out. When the dismantled temperature curve is completed, the BGA dismantling platform will automatically remove the damaged BGA chip and then put it into the scrap box.

The BGA chip can be removed here. After the BGA chip is removed, we must continue to weld the intact BGA chip onto it. The process is the same as the procedure of chip disassembly. Because Datafeng BGA welding table is used for automatic disassembly and mounting, in the operation process without personnel intervention reasonable reduce labor costs and improve the maintenance pass rate, like the application of Datafeng BGA welding table removed BGA chip pass rate can achieve 99%. And the application of manual disassembly is qualified rate completely depends on their technology, qualified rate can achieve 50% is already very good.

So here I recommend you, if there are economic conditions is still the application of automatic BGA welding table removed BGA chip is better. This ensures work efficiency and successful maintenance compliance. Ok, what is the best tool to use for dissoldering BGA chips? Here is the introduction, if there is anything unclear you can use the customer service website contact consultation.


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