What problems should we pay attention to when purchasing bga automatic ball planting machine?

December 29, 2022

bga automatic planting machine in the selection process should be how to choose, what matters need to pay attention to, many people including some suppliers in the procurement of BGA automatic planting machine evaluation will only care about the cost, then we will discuss this matter, the price is not the only standard BGA automatic planting machine selection and BGA automatic planting machine when buying precautions.

In fact, this problem is a little too one-sided, because the price of BGA automatic ball planting machine is not the same according to the function, so you should be able to choose according to their own work needs, such as you want to plant the ball chip is in 0.2mm and above, then you should choose to repair 0.2mm ball planting machine manufacturers.

BGA automatic ball planting machine according to the production place, function, repair success rate and other different, the price is different, and the price positioning is relatively large between 40,000 and 800,000 yuan, usually the price of the machine with high repair rate is a little more expensive, the price is cheap manufacturers no matter what he said, just try the role can be clear, Therefore, in the process of understanding the price, we also need to understand the yield of repair. It is best to be able to measure the plate, so many problems can be at a glance.

For example, Datafeng technology BGA automatic ball planting machine is a high-quality repair equipment, it is a high precision mainly used for a wide range of BGA automatic tin ball implantation machine, mainly used for BGA, WLCSP, PoP and other types of BGA device ball planting. Ball planting ability: 0.2-0.76, it can be said that there is a high-quality BGA ball planting machine can easily solve the repair problem of various types of chips. The above is BGA automatic ball planting machine procurement precautions.


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