Significance of setting temperature curve of BGA repair table

December 29, 2022

BGA repair industry people know that the use of repair table welding BGA, the temperature is a curve, curve is not set reasonable, directly related to the rate of BGA chip repair products. Xiaobian gives you a personal recommendation. When setting the temperature curve of the BGA repair platform, you first need to preheat 190 degrees, then increase to 250 degrees, and then increase to 300 degrees, the solder paste can be fully welded, and then decrease the temperature, and finally to cool the heat. Such sequential heating or temperature reduction can reduce the deformation of PCBA substrate caused by sudden changes in ambient temperature.

According to different chip sizes, different solder paste, different kinds of different thickness of the board, the temperature curve at each stage of the temperature and duration will be different. Moreover, in general, our PCbas are exposed to the air, and the heating of a single part will cause a serious loss of temperature. Therefore, when setting the temperature curve, we can not simply use the form of temperature rise to compensate the temperature, which will cause excessive ambient temperature and damage the entire device itself, resulting in BGA bending and deformation.

To sum up, we need to set appropriate temperature curve when using BGA repair table so as to achieve the best repair effect. Here it is recommended to use professional BGA repair table, miscellaneous brand BGA repair table is not very recommended, after all, there is no after-sales guarantee.


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