What is the BGA repair success rate we need to buy the BGA repair table?

December 30, 2022

When purchasing BGA repair table, we will carefully compare the parameters of BGA repair table to see if the parameters of the equipment sold by the manufacturer meet our repair needs. The first thing we care about is the success rate of bga repair. Then what are the factors that affect the success rate of bga repair?

The main reasons for the success of BGA repair can be divided into three categories: mounting accuracy, temperature control, prevention of PCB deformation and other influences. However, these three factors are difficult to master, so they are listed together to solve the problem.

This is the main reason affecting the success rate of BGA rework.

First of all, welding bga components need to ensure a certain placement accuracy, otherwise it will lead to gas welding, solder ball has a certain automatic centering effect during welding, allowing small offset, in the placement process, the shell in

During this period, the center of the main body roughly coincides with the center of the screen frame, which can be considered the correct placement.

Without the use of optically grade bga repair table, the subjective judgment is whether to make contact according to the feel of the bga when moving, and not everyone has the same feeling. The optical grade BGA repair station can directly check whether the bga component is aligned with the pad and automatically weld it.

At present, domestic bga repair stations basically adopt the hot air up and down and infrared preheating at the bottom, so it is also necessary to use a reasonably designed air nozzle to prevent the hot air from moving the bga in the heating process. Second, reasonable, high-quality rework needs to adapt to the rework temperature curve to master the temperature and time, within the range that the bga can withstand, under standard conditions, lead content should be less than 260°C, and lead-free less than 280°C.

It is easy to damage the bga component if the temperature control is insufficient and the temperature fluctuates greatly.

At the same time, the heating time should not be too long, and the repair times should not be too much, otherwise it will cause bga oxidation under high temperature conditions. Long time will shorten the service life of bga.

Third, when welding or disassembling bga components, because only the corresponding BGA components are heated separately, it is easy to cause the temperature difference between bga is too large, easy to deformation, damage. Therefore, the position of the circuit board and the bga must be fixed when repairing the bga. Generally, the lower air nozzle will be used to support the PCB board on the bga repair platform, and the lower wind energy will play a certain supporting role. If an air gun is used for dissoldering, the circuit board needs to be secured to prevent heat.

Deformation directly leads to PCB damage. At the same time, it is necessary to preheat the whole PCB board to reduce the temperature difference, so as to effectively prevent deformation.

What is the BGA repair success rate we need to buy the BGA repair table? The above is the reference I provide, if there are other questions, welcome to consult Datafeng technology, we arrange more professional sales engineers to solve your problems, provide a perfect plan to buy BGA repair table.


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