Common welding faults and causes of BGA repair table in use

December 31, 2022

After every accident, people can't help looking for the cause of it. In the use of BGA repair platform, there will be a lot of situations, or fault, or accident. That is, these various reasons will eventually lead to the result, at best, it does not achieve the expected effect, at worst, it will lead to the failure of repair. Only by finding out the reason, can we come up with a plan to improve the quality, improve the repair process and avoid greater losses to the enterprise.

Welding faults generated in the process of BGA repair are generally divided into two categories according to their causes. Class is caused by the product quality of the machine itself. When it comes to the problems that can occur in the machine itself, the list is endless, and only a few are listed here for a brief discussion. For example: the temperature accuracy is not accurate, or the installation accuracy is not accurate, throwing material, suction nozzle to the motherboard.

The machine itself is the foundation, if there is no excellent quality equipment, then experienced equipment operators will repair defective products. Therefore, in the production process of equipment, every link should be strictly controlled and standardized quality supervision should be carried out.

The second type is caused by operator error. The two core systems of each type of BGA repair table are alignment system and temperature control system. When using non-optical BGA repair table, BGA chip and pad alignment is manually completed, there is a screen screen pad can be silk screen line, there is no screen line, it is all based on the operator's experience, perception, human factors dominate.

Talking about temperature control is also a very important reason. In the dismantling of welding, we must ensure that each BGA tin ball has reached a melting state when the BGA can be absorbed, otherwise the result will be to pull off the solder spot on the pad, so remember that the temperature is low. At the time of welding, we must ensure that the temperature is not too high, otherwise there may be the appearance of tin. Too high temperature may also cause the phenomenon of BGA surface or PCB welding drum bag, which are adverse phenomena in the process of repair.

So technicians in the actual operation, to standardize the use of Datafeng BGA repair table, can not arbitrarily change the temperature. Technicians must understand some basic knowledge of BGA repair and SMT process.


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