Three important factors directly affect the repair yield of BGA

December 31, 2022

As we all know, in the BGA chip repair link, there are three important reasons that directly affect the success rate of BGA repair, such as the precision of mounting, accurate temperature control, avoiding PCB deformation, and other factors, but these factors are difficult to grasp, so sorted out and dealt with together. Next is the important reasons that directly affect the success rate of BGA repair.

1. Ensure the mounting accuracy during BGA repair

Welding of bga components must ensure a certain mounting accuracy, otherwise it will cause air welding, tin ball in welding heating, there is a certain self-centering effect, allow a slight error, during the installation, the center of the shell and the center of the screen frame similar overlap, can be regarded as the installation position is correct. In the case of not using the optically grade bga repair table, you can also judge whether there is contact according to the feel when moving the bga (this is more subjective, everyone may not feel the same). The optical BGA repair table can see whether the bga components are aligned with the pad and weld automatically. At present, the bga repair platform in our country basically uses hot air up and down, the bottom infrared preheat in advance, so we should adopt a scientific and reasonable design of air nozzle, avoid hot air moving bga when heating.

2. Control the required BGA repair temperature and duration

Scientific, reasonable and high-quality repair must be in accordance with its repair temperature curve, master the temperature and duration, in the range of bga can bear, under standard conditions, lead less than 260℃, less than 280℃ without lead. If the temperature control is not very accurate, the temperature fluctuation range is large, it is very easy to damage the bga components. At the same time, if the heating time is too long, the number of repair times should not be too much, which will cause the oxidation of bga at high temperature and shorten the life of bga for a long time.

3. Sufficient preheating in advance to prevent deformation of the plate

When welding or disassembling bga components, because only the corresponding BGA components are heated separately, it is easy to cause the temperature difference between bga and the surrounding area is too large, and the board is easy to be deformed and damaged. Therefore, the board and the bga position need to be fixed when repairing bga. Generally, the lower air nozzle will be used to resist PCB board when repairing bga repair table. And the lower part of the wind can play a good supporting role, if the use of air gun welding, it needs to fix the board, to avoid the deformation of heating directly lead to PCB damage, in addition to the PCB board must be preheated in advance, so as to reduce the temperature difference for the purpose of effectively prevent deformation.

As long as we hold the above key factors in the BGA repair link, the BGA repair yield will not be too low. Of course, we should also ensure that the BGA repair table used is able to meet the requirements of repair. Here, we recommend the automatic BGA repair table DTF-750 of Datafeng Technology.


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