What is the difference between optical and non-optical optical BGA repair table? Which is more worth starting?

January 05, 2023

From the point of view of the production and application of BGA repair platform, Datafeng technology takes you to understand from the aspects of efficiency, use degree, difficulty of operation, safety and success rate.

1. In terms of efficiency, the optical BGA repair platform eliminates the manual focusing process. In the worker's operation on the optical BGA repair table as long as the parameters can be adjusted, automatically disassemble and install the BGA chip. However, the traditional non-optical BGA repair table constantly requires the repair personnel to pay attention to the silk screen line and point alignment of PCB board in the process of use, so as to achieve the alignment repair. In terms of efficiency, optical BGA repair table is much higher than traditional BGA repair table.

2. From the perspective of usage, with the more and more widely used and complicated BGA, the requirements for repair equipment are also higher and higher. Therefore, in the future, the BGA repair table should be constantly updated to meet the market demand, while the traditional non-optical BGA repair table will eventually be eliminated. At this time, it is necessary to buy a good optical BGA repair table.

3. In terms of operation difficulty, the optical BGA repair platform is easy to operate, the whole process of automatic operation, almost no technical requirements for repair personnel, with automatic welding, disassembly, mounting, feeding one-button operation, simple to use, convenient to operate; Configuration of laser red dot positioning, for different repair products, to achieve rapid conversion, no need to set cumbersome parameters, so in this learning as long as you can computer, that is not a matter. However, the traditional non-optical BGA repair platform has high requirements on the operator. For the larger BGA chip repair, even the skilled maintenance personnel sometimes have great difficulty in repairing it, so we can see the difference between the two in operation.

4. From the perspective of safety and success rate, the automatic optical BGA repair table adopts split prism imaging through the optical module, so there is no need for manual alignment at this time, which eliminates the possibility of traditional manual alignment improper operation to damage the BGA chip. For different sizes of BGA original visual alignment, welding, disassembly of intelligent operation equipment, effectively improve the repair rate productivity, greatly reduce the cost. To sum up, the optical counterpoint BGA repair table is much better than the traditional non-optical BGA repair table.


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