BGA repair table to how much money depends on these points!

January 07, 2023

BGA repair industry is the most promising field in recent years. Many people join this field one after another. The BGA repair equipment is widely used in BGA repair. It can repair BGA, CSP, POP, PTH, WLESP, QFN, CHIP0201/01005, shield frame, modules and other components on PCBA substrates such as servers, PC motherboards, laptops and intelligent terminals. BGA repair platform to how much money, mainly to see the following points!

1. BGA repair platform quality and hardware configuration

No matter what field, quality is an important factor affecting its price, so is the field of BGA repair table. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for", this is the truth. For BGA repair table, the higher the quality, the higher the hardware configuration, the repair efficiency and repair yield will be stronger, the service life will be relatively longer, like Da Tai Feng automatic BGA repair table to meet the above characteristics, the price is naturally higher.

2. Control the details of BGA repair platform

The nozzle is a universal part of BGA repair table, which has strict control over its quality and service life. It is because the nozzle directly determines the repair yield.

Iii. Purchase area of BGA repair platform

According to different production regions, the cost of labor and raw materials will be different, and the price of BGA repair table will also be different. In addition, the price of BGA repair table will be relatively high if ordered in the area where the production of BGA repair table is small. In addition, the market supply and demand relationship of the ordering area will also affect the price of BGA repair table. If the market demand of BGA repair table exceeds the manufacturer's supply, the corresponding price will rise.

As the world's leading supplier of PCBA substrate repair process and overall solutions, Datafun sincerely puts forward the following three suggestions:

1. To have high repair yield of BGA chip, high-quality BGA repair table should be selected. Quality is an important premise to ensure the repair efficiency and repair yield of BGA chip during the repair process.

2. According to the BGA chip repair demand, to choose the suitable type of BGA repair table, can not blindly choose.

3. It is best to choose BGA repair table with high degree of automation. Although the ordinary equipment is cheaper, the repair cost more manpower, in the long run is not fully automatic BGA repair table cost-effective.

If you want to order a BGA repair table, you can search Datafeng.


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