BGA welding table working principle, we commonly used BGA welding table is how to work?

January 30, 2023

BGA welding platform is actually BGA repair platform, is the same kind of equipment, talk about its working principle, more is to talk about what components it is composed of, and how to carry out BGA welding work.

As we all know, the quality of BGA welding is directly related to the quality of temperature control when welding. Manual welding, the most difficult to grasp is temperature control, so the method of manual welding more defective, quality and efficiency are low. With the progress of The Times, replacing artificial robots is becoming more and more popular, artificial intelligence has entered all walks of life in society. In the field of SMT surface mounting technology, an intelligent welding robot named BGA welding platform has been developed which can replace manual welding.

Datafeng Technology has the advantage of leading technology in this field, and invests R&D funds every year to constantly promote the product update and iteration of BGA welding platform. Now its product line covers the whole field of low, middle and high end, to meet everyone's welding repair needs. According to the product information provided by Da Tai Feng technology research and development Department, Xiaobian sort out the working principle of BGA welding platform, and how the BGA welding platform is working?

Before talking about the working principle of BGA welding platform, we first take a look at the main structure of BGA welding platform. The structure of a complete ordinary BGA welding platform is shown in the following schematic diagram:

The usual BGA welding platform includes, upper heater, temperature measuring base, upper heater air nozzle, PCB support plate, lower heater air nozzle, temperature measuring interface, touch screen, etc. Higher-end models include more structural components for more intelligent BGA welding. BGA welding platform is such a machine, the use of hot air and infrared mixed heating, automatic optical alignment mount technology, to achieve the BGA chip disassembly, installation, welding integration repair.

When BGA welding table is working, it is necessary to set the temperature curve.

(1) Preheating stage: After the machine program starts, the upper heater enters the heating state, the temperature starts from room temperature, the temperature rises at the rate of 3 degrees per second (slope value 3 degrees/second), rises to 160 degrees (preheating stage temperature set value), and keeps the constant temperature at 160 degrees for 65 seconds (preheating stage time set value).

(2) Insulation section: the upper heater rises from 160 degrees to 180 degrees according to the slope value of 3 degrees per second.

Then keep the temperature constant for 45 seconds. Lower heater rises from 160 degrees to 3 degrees per second for slope value

180 degrees, then stay at a constant temperature for 45 seconds.

(3) Heating stage: the upper heater rises from 180 degrees to 230 degrees according to the slope value of 3 degrees per second

Then keep the temperature constant for 30 seconds. Lower heater with slope value of 3 degrees per second, rising from 180 degrees to

225 degrees, then 30 seconds.

(4) Welding section and cooling section control as above. The number of actual temperature control process segments in this system can be less than the number of larger control segments in the system (8 segments), and the segments that are not needed in the actual heating process can be shielded by setting the corresponding parameter of this segment to 0.

(5) The whole heating process can be divided into the following stages:

Set temperature parameters - the heating button - preheating stage --, heat preservation period -- warming period - welding section - cooling section --, complete the whole heating process.

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