What is a bga repair table?

January 30, 2023

What is a repair table? Da tai fung technology tm is defined like this: BGA rework stations is repair electronics on the mainboard of multiple kinds of electronic components, such as BGA/POP/LED/QGN/CSP/QFN/LED/Micro SMD/mobile phone shielding cover/special-shaped devices such as multi-function repair a device.

The fields involved in BGA repair table are: computer; Mobile communication equipment; Cameras, video recorders and other security equipment; Central server; Network access devices such as routers and switches; Television, set-top box audio and other audio equipment; Entertainment equipment; GPS navigation and other car electronics; Projector, printer and other office equipment; Air conditioning and power supply equipment; Aerospace equipment; Precision medical equipment; The production of semiconductors; LED display screen; Scientific research and teaching; SMT OEM, etc.

Take Datafeng BGA repair table as an example. The degree of automation and precision of repair varies according to different models. It can be roughly divided into two categories: simple non-optical counterpoint BGA repair platform, mainly for the individual repair market. This kind of repair platform can complete the dismantling and welding process, and the alignment is manual alignment. The second type is the optical BGA repair table, the main customer group is the electronic products manufacturing factory, can complete the operation is welding, optical alignment, welding. There are 20 models of equipment in Datafeng Optical BGA repair table, which can be divided into three grades: mid-range, mid-range and high-end. Datafeng BGA repair table is characterized by independent three temperature zone control, accurate optical alignment system, multifunctional humanized operating system and superior safety protection functions.

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