Instructions for using BGA repair table

February 03, 2023

Today, Xiaobian to tell you about the use of BGA repair table description, I hope to benefit you ~

Step 1: Select the corresponding air nozzle and suction nozzle. Check whether the repaired chip contains lead and set the corresponding temperature curve. The melting point of the leaded tin ball is 183℃ and that of the unleaded tin ball is about 217℃. The PCB motherboard to be repaired is fixed on the BGA repair table, the laser red dot is positioned at the center of the BGA chip, and then the mounting head is shaken down to determine the mounting height.

Step two: Set the welding temperature, and store it, so that it can be called directly when repairing in the future. In general, the temperature can be set to the same group for the welding and the dismantling. Then switch to the disassembly mode on the touch screen interface, click the repair button, and the heating head will automatically come down to heat the BGA chip.

Step 3: When the temperature curve is completed, the machine will give an alarm and give a drip sound. At the same time, the suction nozzle will automatically suck up the BGA chip, and then the mounting head will suck up the BGA chip and put it into the material box automatically. Here, the welding work of the damaged BGA chip is completed.

Step four: After the tin removal on the pad is completed, use the new BGA chip, or the BGA chip after the planting ball. Fixed PCB motherboard. Place the BGA to be welded approximately in the position of the pad. Switch to mount mode, click the start button, the mount head will move down, and the suction nozzle will automatically suck the BGA chip to the initial position.

Step 5: BGA tin ball welding, set the welding temperature of the heating table (about 230℃ with lead, about 250℃ without lead), open the optical alignment lens, adjust the X axis and Y axis to adjust the PCB board, R Angle to adjust the Angle of BGA, adjust until the tin ball and solder joint completely coincide, click the "alignment finish button" on the touch screen. The mounting head will automatically drop, put the BGA on the pad, wait for the nozzle will automatically rise 2~3mm for heating. After the temperature curve is completed, the heating head will automatically rise to the initial position, and the welding is completed.

Step 6: Under normal circumstances, the repair of BGA chip can be completed after completing the above five steps, but sometimes it is inevitable to re-weld. At this time, the PCB needs to be placed on the workbench and a proper layer of welding paste is applied to the position of the welding pad with a brush, and the BGA welding pad and PCB board welding pad are basically identical. Note The direction label on the surface of the BGA should correspond to the direction label on the silk screen frame of the PCB board to prevent the BGA from being placed in the opposite direction. At the same time when the tin ball is melted and welded, the tension between the solder joints will produce a certain self-centering effect. Finally, the temperature curve of diswelding is applied to click welding. After the end of heating, automatic cooling can be taken off, repair is completed.

So the above six steps are about the use of BGA repair table description, have you learned?


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