What are the advantages of X-RAY point machine compared with manual point?

February 08, 2023

1, X-RAY point machine of high accuracy, can provide the point material results, even if it is a small component, can also perfectly complete the point material work, which is artificial point material incomparable. X-RAY spotter can detect very small components, even just a few microns in size, and can perfectly complete the spotter task.

2, X-RAY point machine speed, much higher than manual point material, saving a lot of time and cost, greatly improve the efficiency, improve the production efficiency.

3, X-RAY point machine can automatically perceive the assembly state, and can automatically adjust the point path according to the assembly state, so that the point is more accurate, there will be no unnecessary loss, greatly reducing the cost of assembly.

4, X-RAY point machine point accuracy is stable, not affected by manual operation, can ensure the quality of point material, but also can avoid the safety problems in the process of point material.

5, X-RAY point feeder operation is simple, the replacement of components is also very simple, only a simple adjustment of parameters, you can complete the replacement of components, without complex operation process, greatly saving time and labor costs.

6, X-RAY point machine is safer, there will be no artificial point in the process of safety problems, effectively ensure the safety of workers, but also can avoid unnecessary assembly losses.

7, X-RAY point machine can provide more technical support, such as point material path adjustment, parameter adjustment, can better meet the requirements of assembly, improve the accuracy and efficiency of assembly.

In general, the emergence of X-RAY point machine, is undoubtedly to improve the assembly efficiency and quality of the tool, can effectively solve the shortage of people I point material, bring great convenience to the assembly industry, but also make the assembly process more efficient, reduce unnecessary losses.


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