How to judge the quality of BGA rework table

February 13, 2023

BGA rework table, namely BGA desoldering table, because many people do not know much about the BGA rework industry, how to judge the quality of the BGA repair table has become a hot topic for new customers to consult. Next, I will tell you specifically from what aspects to judge? The quality of BGA rework platform depends on the quality of hardware configuration equipment, so the first thing to know is the important components of BGA rework platform, such as the host, temperature control system, alignment system, automatic removal system, intelligent safety protection system, three-part heating system, flexible and easy-to-use PCBA placement platform, etc. Then there are the detailed criteria:1. As is known to all, whether the working temperature is accurately controlled or not is directly related to the repair qualification rate of the BGA chip. Now there are BGA repair tables with three temperature zones and BGA repair tables with two temperature zones on the market. The temperature control of the equipment with three temperature zones is more accurate than that of the equipment with two temperature zones, and the repair qualification rate is also higher. Therefore, it is recommended to select the BGA repair table with three temperatures in the selection process. 2. Whether the alignment system can accurately align, whether it can correspond to different PCBA substrate colors, and whether it can achieve coincidence 3.Whether the machine equipment of the automatic dismantling system can automatically execute the different processes of dismantling and welding, in the process of dismantling and attaching components, after the heating is completed, the machine equipment automatically sucks up and separates the components from the PCB, which can avoid that the cooling of the components can not be dismantled or the bonding pad falls off due to the fact that the operation lags behind the heating of the machine equipment due to human factors. After the alignment is completed, the machine will automatically perform pasting and heating.The whole process of cooling avoids the displacement of manual pasting, and the rework yield can reach 100%. 4. Intelligent safety protection system is also very important, and it is necessary to check the sensitivity and accuracy of the safety protection system. 5. Attention shall be paid to the temperature rise of the three-part heating system, which shall reach the temperature on the certificate of qualification.6. The flexible and easy-to-use PCBA substrate placement platform can be moved flexibly from front to back and from left to right. With the angle adjustment of components and the flexible movement of zone heaters, PCBAs of any size and shape can be placed easily. If customers can choose BGA rework table products according to the above standards, it is not difficult to choose high-quality equipment. You can go to Dataifeng Technology.


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