I will tell you what you want to know about the three classifications of BGA rework tables.

February 22, 2023

There are many types of BGA rework tables, which can be divided into three types according to the degree of automation: manual model, semi-automatic model, fully automatic model, etc. The following Dataifeng Technology will tell you about the BGA rework tables of the following three models.1. Manual modelWhen the BGA is mounted on the PCB, it is pasted according to the screen printing frame on the PCB by the operator's experience. It is suitable for the repair of BGA chips with large BGA solder ball spacing (more than 0.6). In addition to the heating temperature curve is automatically run out, other operations require manual operation, the price of this kind of BGA repair table is generally more than 3000 to 10000.2. Semi-automatic modelIf the spacing between BGA solder balls is too small (0.15-0.6), there will be errors in manual de-pasting of BGA chips, which will easily lead to poor soldering. The principle of optical alignment is to magnify the BGA solder joint and the PCB pad with the beam-splitting prism imaging system, so that their magnified images are overlapped and then pasted vertically, thus avoiding the error of pasting. The heating system will run automatically after the placement is completed, and there will be a buzzer alarm after the welding is completed. The price of this model generally ranges from forty or fifty thousand to one hundred thousand.3. Fully automatic modelAs the name implies, this model is a fully automatic repair system, which is based on the high-tech technical means of machine vision alignment to achieve a fully automatic repair process. The price of this equipment will be relatively high, a normal price of more than ten or two hundred thousand.

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