Shenzhen Dataifeng Technology Explains BGA Rework Table in Detail

February 27, 2023

When it comes to the BGA rework station, you must have a question, what is this? People who come into contact with this thing for the first time will ask such questions, and so will Xiaobian. Because BGA rework station is a compound word, to understand what BGA rework station is, we must first understand what BGA is.The full name of BGA is Ball Grid Array (PCB with Ball Grid Array structure), which is a packaging method of integrated circuit using organic carrier board.It has the following characteristics:(1) that package area is small;(2) that function is increase, and the number of pin is increased;(3) that PCB board can be self-centered dure fusion soldering and is easy to be tin;④ High reliability;(5) good electrical performance and low overall cost.The PCB board with BGA generally has many small holes. The diameter of the via hole under the BGA of most customers is designed to be 8 ~ 12 mil. The distance from the surface of the BGA to the hole is 31.5mil, for example, generally not less than 10.5mil. The via under the BGA needs to be plugged, the BGA pad is not allowed to be inked, and the BGA pad is not drilled. The BGA rework table decoration is specially used for soldering and reworking BGA chips.A good BGA rework station can carry out soldering operation and rework BGA chip in the fastest speed and the best way. With it, you don't need to worry about hurting yourself when welding, which is safe and efficient. Therefore, choosing a high-quality BGA rework table can solve your welding problems very well.


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