Technical Innovation of BGA Rework Station

March 06, 2023

Abstract: With the rapid development of modern electronic technology and the continuous expansion of the functions of electronic products, SMT rework equipment is developing in the direction of high precision, intelligence, multi-function, reliability, repeatability and economy. As a professional BGA rework station manufacturer of rework equipment in SMT industry, Dataifeng Technology has attracted close attention from the industry and solved the rework problems of small chip size and many pins. This paper focuses on the new ideas and technical features of BGA repair station development, and introduces the chip packaging repair solutions.1. Technical development trend of BGA rework stationIn order to meet the requirements of smaller size, lighter weight and lower cost of electronic products, more and more electronic manufacturers use precision assembly of micro-components. However, in the actual assembly process, even if the implementation of better assembly process can not completely avoid the generation of defective products. Repair and rework are necessary processes for high precision and high integration electronic manufacturing industry. Obviously, rework equipment (BGA rework station) is not only an indispensable part of manufacturing services, but also an investment that can bring considerable returns.At present, the BGA repair stations on the market are divided into two types: A. hot air heating and infrared heating according to the type; B. two temperature zones and three temperature zones according to the machine type (two temperature zones, generally using the upper hot air, lower infrared; three temperature zones generally using the upper, lower hot air, bottom infrared (to solve PCB deformation); C. According to the technical level, it can be divided into three types: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic (Dataifeng is an enterprise that independently develops and produces fully automatic BGA repair stations).Although the traditional manual rework and manual rework table still occupy the mainstream of the market, their market share is gradually being replaced by semi-automatic and fully automatic rework tables. This is mainly because the repair speed and accuracy of semi-automatic and fully automatic rework tables are higher than those of low-end manual rework tables, and the labor intensity is reduced.The number of advanced package pins has increased, and the rework equipment has also undergone tremendous technological changes for the bridge, missing solder, cold solder and other defects of fine pins in the assembly process. With the continuous change of manufacturing process and component packaging technology, the demand for safe, reliable, reusable and portable repair equipment in the electronic assembly market is increasing. How to ensure the success of the whole process, not to cause any damage or avoid unnecessary thermal stress in the repair work is very important.Therefore, the rework process technology must have sufficient placement capacity to ensure that the PCB board does not deform during heating, and have excellent heating control capability to save the preparation time in the heating process and provide a better heating curve. The BGA rework station has good repeatability and precision.2. New design concept of BGA rework stationAs we all know, the improvement of BGA rework station production process needs to go through long-term exploration, experiment and test. The real-time dynamic and sustainable improvement quality management system (ISO9001: 2008) matched with production is the latest scientific research achievement of this SMT rework equipment industry.The current manual alignment and optical alignment still have problems in accuracy and slow operation speed. And then guide the process improvement, improve production efficiency and reduce costs become the key means of high quality assurance.In view of this key control link, Dataifeng Company proposed a new alignment system solution, which meets the accuracy, repeatability and high-speed operation characteristics of SMT rework equipment industry at the same time, and realizes automatic positioning, desoldering, mounting and welding function technology through reasonable design of precision mechanical mechanism, optical system, vision system and software system.3. Technical characteristics and key points of BGA repair stationA common key control technical characteristic of that BGA rework table regardless of high or low end rework is a heating mode; a: infrared heating principle: the temperature rise is slow in the early stage, the temperature rise is fast in the later stage, and the penetrability is relatively strong. B: Hot air heating principle: Hot air heating is fast, cooling is also fast. The temperature is easy to control stably. Through the principle analysis, the combination of infrared heating and hot air heating is a better choice.The upper and lower parts are heated stably by hot air, and the rising and falling temperature is easy to control; the bottom part is preheated by infrared to prevent PCB deformation (the deformation is generally caused by the large temperature difference between the BGA position and the PCB position. The bottom part is preheated to give a certain amount of heat to the PCB, so that the temperature of the PCB and the BGA is reduced, but not melted).Another key control point is alignment. In the rework process, whether the alignment of PCB pad and BGA pin or solder ball is accurate is a key control point before the welding action. The advanced automatic visual recognition system can automatically detect, analyze and memorize different types of BGA chips through image processing software, which forms a high-precision, powerful, stable and easy-to-operate alignment mechanism.In order to prevent the phenomenon of position dislocation and deviation in the process of placing the PCB during manual operation, this phenomenon is the key point in the vision system and software system, and also causes some technical difficulties in the design: A: clear image processing technology; B: system stability; C: detection of automatic memory analysis of position accuracy, etc. 4. BGA repair technology solutionDataifeng Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It has created its own national brand in the SMT repair equipment industry, got rid of the blockade of foreign technology, realized the optimization of product performance and zero breakthrough, filled the gap in this field in China, and has independent patents and intellectual property rights.


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