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March 30, 2023

BGA packaging technology is the embodiment of the progress of integration technology. This technology began to be used in substrate dispensing. BGA packaging technology is also improved with the filling demand of electronic chips. It is characterized by the adoption of ball shed array to meet the chip packaging of more and more pins.

Stirring glue may affect the effect of BGA packaging chip. Select special stirring glue to flow into the inside. Because the property of stirring glue is stronger, it can meet the filling effect of chip BGA packaging. Therefore, the packaging effect of stirring glue is more complete.In order to prevent the glue from flowing into the board before the glue is poured into the package, the manufacturer also needs to adopt the filling and packaging technology for sealing treatment. In order to ensure the chip filling requirements, the greater the role of the BGA packaging technology, because the PCB board needs to be heated, the glue is gradually melted by heating, causing the glue to seep into the middle of the ball shed array, so that the chip on the PCB board is in a glue-free state.It directly affects the quality of PCB chip.In this state, the BGA package cannot be heated until the mixed glue is filled into the solder ball array package, which is generally cured at high temperature. In order to reduce the influence of the glue fluidity on the chip filling quality, preheating is required in the dispensing machine, which can reduce the glue fluidity for filling and packaging.To reduce the adverse effects of BGA packaging, the surface of the glue on the PCB board will boil and produce bubbles after high temperature baking, which is caused by uneven stirring of the glue.To solve this problem, it is necessary to treat the PCB at high temperature before dispensing, which can reduce the generation of glue bubbles, and also fully stir the glue to remove the impact of bubbles on chip filling and packaging.After the glue is cured, it is found that the curing effect of the glue is poor, because the glue used by the dispensing machine and the solder paste are mixed and stirred together, so that the glue can not be solidified for pouring, which affects the BGA packaging effect. It is found that such a situation can be solved by a baking board. If the above problems are eliminated, the glue curing is incomplete.It is caused by two situations.First of all, there are sweat and oil spots on the PCB board, which affect the curing effect of chip packaging, due to the incorrect use of workers in the operation process.Secondly, the quality of mixed glue is out of date, which affects the filling effect.

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