How many steps can the BGA rework station be used?

April 01, 2023

The BGA rework platform is divided into optical alignment and non-optical alignment. The optical alignment is imaged by the crack prism through the optical module. The non-optical alignment refers to the alignment maintenance of the BGA according to the alignment of the PCB wire line and point.The BGA rework station is the corresponding BGA reheating welding equipment with poor welding, which can not repair the quality problems of BGA components themselves.However, based on the current state of the art, the probability of BGA components leaving the factory with problems is low.If there is a problem, only the poor welding caused by the temperature at the SMT process end and the back end, such as empty welding, false welding, cold welding, continuous soldering and other welding problems.However, many individuals repairing laptops, cell phones, XBOX, desktop boards, etc. Will also use it.The use of BGA rework station can be roughly divided into three steps: disassembly, welding, installation and welding.All changes are inseparable from it.

1. Preparation for repair: determine the air nozzle and suction nozzle to be used for the BGA chip to be repaired.The rework temperature is determined according to the leaded and lead-free solder used by the customer, because the melting point of leaded solder ball is generally 183 ℃, while the melting point of lead-free solder ball is generally about 217 ℃.Fix the PCB motherboard on the BGA rework platform, and position the laser red dot at the center of the BGA chip.Roll down the mounting head to determine the mounting height.2. Set the desoldering temperature and store it so that it can be called directly when repairing later.In general, the temperature of desoldering and soldering can be set to the same group.3. Switch to the disassembly mode on the touch screen interface, click the repair button, and the heating head will automatically come down to heat the BGA chip.4. Five seconds before the end of the temperature, the machine will give an alarm and make a dripping sound.When the temperature curve is completed, the suction nozzle will automatically suck up the BGA chip, and then the mounting head will suck the BGA up to the initial position.The operator can connect the BGA chip with the material box.The desoldering is completed.Mount and solder.1. Use a new BGA chip or a BGA chip with ball placement after tin removal on the pad.Secure the PCB board.Place the BGA to be soldered approximately at the location of the pad.2. Switch to the mounting mode, click the start button, the mounting head will move downward, and the suction nozzle will automatically suck up the BGA chip to the initial position.3. Open the optical alignment lens, adjust the micrometer, adjust the front, back, left and right of the PCB board in X axis and Y axis, and adjust the angle of BGA in R angle.Both the solder balls on the BGA (blue) and the solder joints on the pads (yellow) can be shown in different colors on the display.When the solder ball is completely overlapped with the solder joint, click the "Alignment Complete" key on the touch screen.The mounting head will automatically descend, place the BGA on the pad, automatically close the vacuum, and then the suction will automatically rise 2 ~ 3mm, and then heat.When the temperature curve is completed, the heating head will automatically rise to the initial position.Welding is complete.Add welding.This function is aimed at BGA with poor soldering due to low temperature in the front, which can be heated again.1. Fix the PCB on the rework platform, and position the laser red dot at the center of the BGA chip.2. Call the temperature, switch to the welding mode, and click Start. At this time, the heating head will automatically descend. After touching the BGA chip, it will automatically rise by 2 ~ 3mm and stop, and then heat.After the temperature curve is completed, the heating head will automatically rise to the initial position, and the welding is completed.In terms of the whole structure, all BGA rework tables are basically the same.Each model of optical BGA rework table has its own advantages and characteristics.

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