Solder paste storage method in rainy season

April 02, 2023

Rainy season is a special season in soldering work. Due to high air humidity and large temperature changes, special attention should be paid to the following aspects when using solder paste: Keep the solder paste dry: High air humidity in rainy season will cause the solder paste to absorb moisture and become soft, affecting its adhesion.Therefore, it is necessary to keep the solder paste dry when using it, and it is best to store it in a sealed box and place it in a dry environment.Control the soldering temperature and time: the temperature is changeable in rainy season, and the soldering temperature will also change accordingly. The soldering temperature should be adjusted in time according to the actual situation to avoid too high or too low temperature, which will affect the melting point and fluidity of solder paste.At the same time, the soldering time should be well controlled, because too long soldering time can easily lead to the carbonization of solder paste.Pay attention to moisture-proof: in the rainy season, water vapor may enter the welding spot during the welding process, affecting the quality of the welding spot.Therefore, attention should be paid to moisture-proof in the welding process, and the parts can be heated for a period of time before welding to discharge the water vapor.Pay attention to cleanness: in rainy season, when the humidity is high, the solder paste will absorb dust and dirt more easily, affecting its adhesion and fluidity.Therefore, before using solder paste, solder joints and parts should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that their surfaces are dry and clean.In a word, when using solder paste in rainy season, attention should be paid to keeping dry, controlling temperature and time, preventing moisture and cleaning.Only in this way can the quality and efficiency of welding work be guaranteed.

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