Which brand of BGA rework station is good? The rework pass rate is high

April 12, 2023

With the development of science and technology, the application scope of BGA chips is becoming wider and wider, and users are paying more and more attention to the problem of the qualified rate of BGA rework. Xiaobian has made a data summary based on customer consultation: more concerned issues, such as which brand of BGA rework station is good, and the qualified rate of rework is high. These questions are asked very frequently by users.Then Xiaobian will make a summary for you.Choose which brand of BGA rework station, which brand of BGA rework equipment is good, from the number of rework chips, rework pass rate, rework chip type, and so on three aspects: 1.Choose according to the standard of the number of chips to be repaired. If the number of chips to be repaired is large and the time to use them every day is relatively long, try to choose a fully automatic BGA repair table, so as to save labor costs and repair workers will not be too tired.If your rework volume is not large and the construction period is relatively short, then you can choose the manual BGA rework table.2. If you have strict control over the rework pass rate in the process of choosing a rework station, you must choose a BGA rework station with a high rework pass rate.Otherwise, your qualified rate of rework is not up to. 3. Type of rework chip If the chip you want to rework is a special-shaped BGA, then you should choose a rework device that can flexibly place the PCBA substrate, because some BGA rework tables are not compatible with the rework of special-shaped BGA chips.Therefore, before choosing, we must make a clear decision.


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