How to use the BGA rework station for desoldering?

April 19, 2023

Description of desoldering method using BGA rework station: 1. Preparation for rework: For the BGA chip to be reworked, determine the air nozzle and suction nozzle to be used.2. Set the desoldering temperature and store it so that it can be called directly when repairing later.3. Switch to the disassembly mode on the touch screen interface, click the repair button, and the heating head will automatically come down to heat the BGA chip.4. After the temperature curve of the rework table is completed, the suction nozzle will automatically suck up the BGA chip, and then the mounting head will suck up the BGA and rise to the initial position.The operator can connect the BGA chip with the material box.The desoldering is completed.

This is the method of desoldering using a BGA rework station.Mounting welding, the use of welding is not difficult.General manufacturers will be equipped with instructions, follow the instructions to operate, such as BGA repair table manufacturers usually have technical personnel to guide teaching.Summary: Practice and think more, and you will find that the BGA rework table is so easy to use.

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