How much do you know about the 7 advantages of BGA rework table?

April 20, 2023

What are the advantages of the BGA rework station?Let's take a look:

1. Powerful and perfect function selection, memory of eight temperature curves, users can arbitrarily select the heating curve according to the requirements of desoldering. 2. Intelligent curve heating, can automatically complete the whole desoldering process according to your preset temperature curve, making the whole desoldering process more scientific. 3. Infrared lamp body is equipped with laser positioning, making the adjustment more convenient for positioning. 4. PID intelligent temperature control technology, temperature control more scientific.The curve is more perfect, which can effectively avoid the damage to the chip or circuit board caused by rapid or continuous temperature rise. 5. The ultra-high-power preheating glue melting system adopts the self-developed infrared heating device, which has strong penetration, uniform heating and more accurate temperature control.BGA, SMD, CSP, LGA, QFP, PLCC and BGA can be soldered or reworked. Various rows of inserts and pin sockets (such as CPU socket and GAP socket) can fully meet the BGA desoldering/reworking requirements of computers, notebooks and video games. It is especially suitable for the desoldering of computer north-south bridges. 6. Friendly man-machine operation interface and perfect LCD display.The whole heating process lets you be clear at a glance; 7, resolute appearance, light volume, from beginning to end reflects the technology-based, table-top placement mode, so that you have a larger space, simple operation instructions, so that you will see.

After reading the above 7 points about the advantages of the BGA rework table, are you excited about the BGA rework table?

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