Inspection after BGA Soldering and Cleaning of PCBA Board on BGA Rework Table

April 24, 2023

Today, Xiaobian will explain in detail the inspection after BGA welding and the cleaning of PCBA board.1. After soldering, BGA components and PCBA shall be cleaned with board washing water to remove excess flux and possible tin scraps.2. Check the BGA components that have been soldered with PCBA with the help of a magnifying glass lamp, mainly to see whether the chip is centered, whether the angle is corresponding, whether it is parallel to the PCBA, whether there is solder overflow from the periphery, or even short circuit, etc. If any of the above occurs, it is necessary to remove the solder ball again, and never power on the machine hastily to avoid expanding the scope of failure.Only when the check is correct, can the machine be powered on to check its performance and function.With the help of the magnifying glass lamp, check the BGA components of the soldered PCBA, mainly whether the chip is aligned, whether the angle is corresponding, whether it is parallel to the PCBA, whether there is solder overflow, and even whether there is a short circuit around.If any of the above requires the welding and planting balls to be removed again, the testing machine should not be powered on hastily, so as not to expand the scope of the fault. Only when the inspection is correct, can the performance and function of the machine be checked.Then the above is about the inspection after BGA soldering and the cleaning of PCBA board. If you need a BGA rework table, please pay attention to Dataifeng.


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