What is the difference between BGA Rework Station Infrared and Hot Air BGA Rework Station?

April 26, 2023

The difference between the infrared and hot air BGA rework tables is that the infrared heating generally uses a dual-temperature zone BGA rework table, while the hot air BGA reworking table uses an infrared heated air rework table.According to the repair yield, the infrared repair rate of BGA rework table is lower than that of hot air BGA rework table.As you can see here, there is still a big difference between the BGA rework station infrared and the hot air BGA rework station.The following small series explains in detail the differences between the two.BGA Rework Station Infrared and Hot Air BGA Rework Station Comparison In fact, both the infrared BGA rework station and the hot air BGA rework station are the same in nature. They are both used to remove and solder the packaged BGA chips.The infrared line type of the BGA rework table adopts a two-temperature zone, and the temperature peak value is limited and cannot be used for reworking lead-free BGA chips, while the hot-air BGA rework table has a wider reworking range compared with the infrared rework table, and can be used for reworking leaded and lead-free BGA chips on the market.Infrared heating and hot air heating have their own advantages. Compared with hot air heating, infrared heating has longer temperature duration and better permeability.Compare with that infrared BGA reworking table, the hot air BGA rework table has the advantages that the temperature can be controlled at will, and the temperature control is more accurate; and like the hot air BGA reworking table, the optical alignment of various color can be used for easily reworking BGA and PCBA substrates of various colors.Of course, it is not better to use the BGA rework table with the combination of lower infrared and upper hot air heating in all occasions. If your budget is limited and the rework is a leaded BGA chip, then you can choose the infrared type of BGA rework table to heat up evenly.If you use the hot air BGA rework table, it seems a bit overqualified.However, Xiaobian here reminds us that if it is better to repair the server and mobile phone board, it is better to use the BGA repair table infrared + heating to repair successfully.

Some friends reported that the BGA rework table heated by hot air in three temperature zones caused discoloration, deformation and blistering of the graphics card, and the temperature could not reach the temperature of chip removal, resulting in the chip could not be removed. There were three reasons, one was that the temperature curve was set incorrectly, the second was that there was a problem with the equipment used, and the third was that the operator could not operate.If you are afraid of the above problems in the use process, and you are repairing some simple chips, then you can consider using the infrared BGA rework table. Compared with the ups and downs of the temperature of the hot air BGA rework table, the temperature of the infrared rework table continues to rise. It is suitable for novices to practice slowly, which can ensure that the graphics card does not explode and does not change color.Of course, the impatient skilled repairer should use the hot-air BGA repairer.Judging from the price, the infrared ray of the BGA rework table is cheaper than the hot air BGA rework table, because the infrared ray BGA repair table is suitable for low-end users in two temperature zones, and the price is generally within several thousand to one hundred thousand, while the hot air BGA repair table belongs to a three-temperature zone heating fast rework chip with high efficiency.Therefore, large companies will generally choose the three-temperature zone hot air BGA repair table, the price generally ranges from tens of thousands to millions.The above is about the difference between BGA rework table infrared and hot air BGA rework table.When we spend money to buy equipment, we should first understand the functional characteristics of the machine and make more comparisons before choosing a good BGA rework station.It can be seen from the above that the infrared BGA rework table and the hot air BGA rework table have their own advantages.We just have to choose what's right for us.


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