Why do BGA chips need ball planting?

April 28, 2023

BGA chip ball is mainly to add solder on the BGA chip pad, in order to facilitate the welding of BGA chips.Nowadays, there are several popular ball planting methods in the industry: one is "solder paste"+"solder ball", the other is "soldering paste"+"solder ball", and the other is direct scraping of solder into balls.

What is "solder paste"+"solder ball"?In fact, this is recognized as the best and most standard method of planting balls. The balls planted by this method have good weldability and glossiness. The process of melting tin basically does not appear the phenomena of running balls, connecting tin, big and small balls, etc. It is easy to control and hold, especially suitable for novices to learn to operate.The specific method is to print the solder paste on the BGA pad first, and then add a suitable solder ball on it. At this time, the solder paste plays the role of sticking to the solder ball, and when heating, the contact surface of the solder ball is larger, so that the heating of the solder ball is faster and more comprehensive, which makes the soldering between the tin ball and the BGA pad better after melting tin, and reduces the possibility of false soldering.So what is "solder paste"+"solder ball"?From the above explanation, it is easy to understand the meaning of this sentence. Simply speaking, this method is to replace the role of solder paste with flux paste.However, the characteristics of solder paste are very different from those of solder paste. When the temperature rises, the solder paste will become liquid, which is easy to cause the solder balls to run around. Moreover, the solderability of the solder paste is poor, so it is necessary for the ball placement personnel to have good enough skills to complete a good BGA ball placement.The third is to scrape tin into balls, that is, by scraping tin steel mesh, planting tin paste, and then using a hot air gun to assist the melting of balls. This tin paste is equivalent to the role of tin balls.It should be noted that if the tin is directly scraped into balls, it is easy to scrape the tin unevenly, resulting in large and small balls and even tin. Therefore, it is necessary for the ball planting personnel to achieve a better ball planting state and scrape the tin evenly when preparing the solder paste, so that a better ball planting state can be basically achieved.Generally speaking, each of the three ball planting methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing what kind of ball planting method depends on the needs of BGA!

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